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Aftermarket Idler John Deere 60D 60G

John Deere 60G Idler 9278768 9318338
Aftermarket Idler John Deere 60D 60G
John Deere 60D and 60G tension idlers are interchangeable across each model. We stock the idlers and the full undercarriage for the 60D and 60G models. John Deere 60 series undercarriage parts qualify for free shipping when you check out online.
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Weight: 98 lbs
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9278768 Tension Idler Assembly

This is the aftermarket idler for the John Deere 60D and 60G series mini excavators. This idler comes fully assembled with the bearing ready for installation. The mounting brackets are installed as seen in the picture. Mounting yokes slide into the track frame to install on the tensioner. The idler wheel is fifteen inches in diameter.

Alternate Part Numbers: 9318339, 9278769, 1033823, 1034117