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Aftermarket IHI 20NX Rubber tracks

IHI 20 Rubber Tracks
Aftermarket IHI 20NX Rubber tracks
Buy aftermarket IHI and Yanmar rubber tracks online at Rubbertrax and save on your maintenance budget. Save online and skip the trip to the dealer. This rubber track ships free when you check out online.
SKU: RT100211
Weight: 164 lbs
Make: IHI
Which Rubber Track Size: 230 x 96 x 40
Price: $795.00

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This is an aftermarket option for IHI mini excavator rubber tracks. This track is nine inches (230 mm) wide with forty metal embedded links down the center. This track will fit IHI machines including the IHI 18UJ, IHI 20NX, IS 20JX and Hinowa PT 200. It is possible that you have the short pitch option of this rubber track and as a result you have eighty links down the center. If you have questions about the fitment just give us a call and we will help you find exactly what you need.

The Yanmar VIO 20 non-offset version also takes this size track. If your Yanmar VIO 20 mini excavator has an off-set track where the sprocket runs off to the side instead of down the center then you most likely have the 250x48.5x84 off-set track. This track is backed by a standard factory warranty against any manufacturing defect. Super size your maintenance budget by purchasing aftermarket rubber tracks online at Rubbertrax and installing them yourself. Save money by tackling this simple rubber track installation DIY project without the high cost of labor at your dealer.

This track is designed to fit the following models:

  • IHI 18NXT
  • IHI 18UJ
  • IHI 20JX
  • IHI 20NX
  • IHI 20NX-2
  • IHI 20Z
  • Yanmar (non-offset) VIO20