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Rubber Track Bobcat 6692960

Bobcat E55 6692960
Rubber Track Bobcat 6692960
Buy your aftermarket replacement rubber tracks for Bobcat® 6692960, Hitachi, Deere, and Daewoo mini excavators online at Rubbertrax. These tracks qualify for free shipping to a commercial address when you check out online. No minimum order is required.
SKU: RT100019B
Weight: 612 lbs
Make: Bobcat
Which Rubber Track Size: 400 x 72.5 x 74W
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Price: $1,575.00

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Bobcat 6692960 400x72.5Bx74

This is the aftermarket replacement rubber track for several Bobcat®, John Deere, Hitachi and IHI mini excavators. The tread pattern shown is the most popular tread pattern but other tread patterns may be available upon request. The track is sixteen inches (400 mm) wide with seventy-four metal links down the center.

Bobcat® Models

This rubber track (400 x 72.5 x 74) is guaranteed to fit:

  • Bobcat® 337
  • Bobcat® 341
  • Bobcat® 341
  • Bobcat® 435
  • Bobcat® E45 M Series 6692960
  • Bobcat® E50 M Series
  • Bobcat® E55 M Series

The Bobcat® 435 ZHS may have an eighteen inch (450 mm) wide track with eighty six metal links so please verify prior to ordering this track for your 435 ZHS.

Additional Models

This rubber track (400 x 72.5 x 74) is guaranteed to fit the following models:

  • American Augers DD6
  • American Augers DD8
  • Case CK50
  • Case CK52
  • Daewoo Solar 55
  • Daewoo Solar 55-5
  • Daewoo Solar 55v
  • Fast Fusion Trac 12 Pipe Fusion Machine
  • Hitachi EX 58MU
  • Hitachi Zaxis ZX 60 USB-3
  • Hitachi Zaxis ZX 60 USB-5
  • John Deere 60D
  • John Deere 60G
  • Wacker Neuson ET 65
  • Wacker Neuson EZ 50
  • Wacker Neuson EZ 53
  • IHI IS 50 G
  • IHI IS 50 G3
  • IHI IS 50 GX
  • IHI IS 50 J
  • IHI IS 50 J 2
  • IHI IS 50 UX
  • IHI IS 55 G
  • IHI IS 55 G-3
  • IHI IS 55 G-4
  • IHI IS 55 J
  • IHI IS 55 LX
  • IHI 55V-4
  • IHI 55N-4
  • IHI IS 55 UJ
  • IHI IS 55 UX

Alternate Part Numbers

  • Bobcat® OEM Dealer Part Number: 6678826, 6692960, 6692969, and 6988835.
  • EarthForce Dealer Part Number: 7024957

Tread Pattern Options

This track is widely used across many manufacturers and models so we frequently have alternate tread patterns available. Please let us know if the tread pattern is a priority for your purchase decision.