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Multi-Bar Tread Pattern 320x86x49

Multi-Bar Rubber Tracks 320 x86x49
Multi-Bar Tread Pattern 320x86x49
Buy Multi-Bar tread pattern rubber tracks for your track loader when you need a balance between forward traction and reduced vibration. The Multi-Bar tread pattern has become known for increased traction with much less vibration than the previous generation straight bar tread pattern. Track size 320x86x49 fits a wide variety of makes and models.
SKU: RTC00499-MB
Weight: 354 lbs
Make: Bobcat
Which Rubber Track Size: 320 x 86 x 49
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Price: $1,050.00

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This is the Multi-Bar tread pattern for the aftermarket replacement rubber track that fits many makes and models across several manufacturing brands. This track is interchangeable across Bobcat® T550 and T595 track loaders. The tread pattern shown is the most popular tread pattern for areas that need extra traction but vibration is also a concern. This track has reduced vibration compared to the Straight-Bar or Zig-Zag tread pattern. The Multi-Bar provides forward traction but does not prevent sliding sideways like other tread patterns. The track is twelve and a half inches (320 mm) wide with forty-nine forged metal links down the center.

Multi-Bar Tread Track Fitment

  • Bobcat® T550
  • Cat 239D
  • Cat 249D
  • Gehl RT165
  • JCB 150TR
  • Mustang 1650RT

Multi-Bar Track Availability

In addition to the 320 x 86 x 49 track size for the T590 and T595 models, we stock a 400 mm wide option. This track is often available in our offset C-Pad tread design, zig-zag, and our staggered block tread pattern. Please call for availability and to see if any other tread pattern options may be available. See tread pattern details below for more details.

Reliable Track Quality

Our Multi-Bar rubber tracks are made with helically wound continuous steel cords that are coated for protection against rust that are designed for reliable service in rigorous conditions. We use non-recycled rubber in our most technologically advanced factory that strives to bring continuous improvements to our quality products.

This track comes with a standard warranty against manufacturer defects. If sprockets are purchased and installed together with the tracks, you will maximize the lifespan of the tracks. Always consider changing your sprockets and any worn undercarriage parts when you change your tracks. Rubber tracks and sprockets are designed to wear together and changing sprockets at any other time would reduce the lifespan of both the track and the sprocket. Other worn parts can effect the tensioning of the track and can cause de-tracking and other wear issues.