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Gehl CTL 70 80 75 85

Upgrade your Gehl CTL 70, 75, 80 and 85 series rubber tracks to the premium aftermarket rubber tracks from Rubbertrax and increase lifespan and performance from your undercarriage. We now supply the complete line of CTL 70-85 series undercarriage parts including the drive sprocket (181147), the idler (181127), the front roller the sits under the sprocket (181124), and the bottom track rollers down the center of the undercarriage (181120). If your model is the CTL 70, there is a serial break so it could be drive sprocket (182792). Please double check your measurements before ordering. We are also stocking optional rubber track tread patterns so give us a call today to see which is best for you! Our rubber tracks are the heavy duty outside guide type with steel outside guide that matches up perfectly with the dual flange bottom rollers and dual flange rear idler roller. The front idler is a single flange tension idler that fits perfectly down the center of the track guiding system.
These undercarriage parts and rubber tracks are interchangeable with the Takeuchi TL 140 undercarriage.