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Caterpillar® 259B3 279C 289C 259D Rear Idler

Cat 304-1894 Idler
Caterpillar® 259B3 279C 289C 259D Rear Idler
Replacement rear idler wheel for Caterpillar® 259D, 279C, 279D, 289C, 299C, and 259B3 track loaders. This is a single flange rear idler replacement part for these models that mounds below the sprocket.
SKU: 536-3550
Weight: 104 lbs
Make: Cat
Price: $630.00

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536-3550 Idler Assembly

This is the premium replacement rear idler wheel designed to replace the original rear idler on the steel undercarriage systems for Caterpillar B, C, and D series. The color may vary and it will not match your original factory yellow. Current production is black so please note if color matching is important. This idler wheel is designed to fit the Caterpillar® models:

Guaranteed Fit

This single flange rear idler (536-3550) is guaranteed to fit:

  • Caterpillar 279C
  • Caterpillar 279C2
  • Caterpillar 279D
  • Caterpillar 279-D3
  • Caterpillar 289C
  • Caterpillar 289D
  • Caterpillar 289D3
  • Caterpillar 299C
  • Caterpillar 299D3
  • Caterpillar 259-B3
  • Caterpillar 259D
  • Caterpillar 259D3

This is the larger roller at the rear of the undercarriage below the sprocket. It is a single flange idler with two bolts mounted to the last position on the track frame. Installation hardware is not included.

Alternate Part Numbers

  • Caterpillar® Dealer Part Number: 304-1894, 536-3550

Optional Fitment

There are a few undercarriage options for many of these Caterpillar® models so please verify your part number and verify it is a single flange idler as opposed to a double or triple flange idler.

Reliable Quality

These single flange rear idlers are made to original specifications and produced with high-quality double lip seals to lock dirt and debris out and lock the lubrication in for long-lasting service for your machine

The image below can help guide you to the correct part number if you are not familiar with the terms used to reference the undercarriage parts. Place your mouse over the image below and the drive sprocket, rubber track, front idler, bottom track rollers and rear idler will pop up with the correct term and link for you to learn more. Don't hesitate to call with any questions you have. The picture below is from the Caterpillar® 299C series machine. The parts listed below fit on the 279C and 289C as well, but some require only four bottom rollers.

Caterpillar® 279 289 299 Undercarriage Parts

Caterpillar 279, 289, 299 C Series Sprocket 3041916 Caterpillar 289c, 299c Rubber Track
Cat 279c, 289c, 299c Idler 3041894 Caterpillar 299c Bottom Rollers 389-7624 Cat Idler 299c, 289c, 279c, 3041878