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Bobcat® E32 E35 E42 Idler

Bobcat E32 E35 E42 Idler 7199074
Bobcat® E32 E35 E42 Idler
Buy aftermarket replacement idlers for Bobcat® E32 E35 E37 and E42 mini excavators online at Rubbertrax. This idler is exclusively designed for rubber track undercarriages and does not work on steel track-equipped machines.
SKU: 7199074
Weight: 68 lbs
Make: Bobcat
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Price: $488.00

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Bobcat 7199074 Idler Fitment

Bobcat® Models

This idler (7199074) is guaranteed to fit:

  • Bobcat E32
  • Bobcat E35
  • Bobcat E37
  • Bobcat E42
  • Bobcat E50z (only the z series)

This is the larger roller that is at the front of the undercarriage that is designed to tension and tightens the rubber track. This is the roller that expands as you grease the tensioner to tighten the track. This idler comes fully assembled with the bearing ready for installation, just reuse your existing bolts. This idler has yokes that extend out past the length of the idler wheel diameter.

We also carry other undercarriage parts for your E35 and E42 mini excavator models.

Alternate Part Numbers

  • Bobcat® Dealer Part Number: 7199074, 6814880

Optional Part Availability

There are no known alternate part listings. This idler is guaranteed to fit.

Bobcat® E-32

  • A94H11001 & Above
  • AC2N11001 & Above
  • B2VV11001 & Above
  • B3K911001 & Above
  • B3CS11001 & Above
  • B3Y111001 & Above

Bobcat® E-32i

  • AUYJ11001 & Above
  • B3Y111001 & Above

Bobcat® E-35

  • A93K11001 & Above
  • AC2P11001 & Above
  • AR1K11001 & Above
  • B3K811001 & Above
  • B3GR11001 & Above
  • B3WZ11001 & Above

Bobcat® E-35z

  • B3Y411001 & Above
  • B4S511001 & Above

Bobcat® E-35i

  • AUYM11001 & Above
  • B3Y211001 & Above

Bobcat® E-37

  • B4S611001 & Above

Bobcat® E-42

  • AG3411001 & Above
  • B2VW11001 & Above
  • B4GM11001 & Above (Steel and Rubber)

Bobcat® E-50z

All Serial Breaks

Bobcat® E32 and E35 Undercarriage

The E-32 and E-35 models require the same part numbers for the undercarriage. The parts are interchangeable among the two models.

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Bobcat® E42 Undercarriage

We carry all of the replacement undercarriage parts compatible with the E-42 mini excavator.

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