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Bobcat® 325 Idler for Steel Track 6808137

Bobcat Idler 325 Steel Tracks
Bobcat® 325 Idler for Steel Track 6808137
This is the replacement front idler for a Bobcat® 325 that came standard with steel tracks from the factory. This part number is also known as part numbers: 6588999, 6534237 from the original manufacturer. If your machine came with rubber tracks originally then you have a different tension idler under part number 6814880.
SKU: 6808137
Weight: 49 lbs
Make: Bobcat
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Price: $487.00

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This is the rare aftermarket idler designed for the Bobcat® 325, 328, and 331 mini excavator that comes with steel tracks from the dealer as opposed to rubber tracks. We only have two left in stock so these prices are marked as clearance and cannot be combined with any other offer or promotion. If you have rubber tracks originally you should stick with part number 6814880, but if you are running steel track, then these are the idlers you need. The difference is a rounded edge around the idler wheel as opposed to a squared off edge that comes in contact with the guide system for proper fit.