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Bobcat® 325 331 334 430 Idler 6814880

6814880 Bobcat 331 Idler
Bobcat® 325 331 334 430 Idler 6814880
Buy aftermarket replacement idlers for Bobcat® mini excavator models 325, 325D, 328, 331, 334, 430D, 335, and 430G. This idler version has the yokes that extend out past the length of the idler wheel diameter.
SKU: 6814880AM
Weight: 65 lbs
Make: Bobcat
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Price: $453.00

Rubber tracks and wear parts are sold individually unless specified in the details. We offer free shipping across the USA when you order online and ship to a commercial address. *Some restrictions apply.

This is an individual aftermarket replacement idler for many Bobcat® mini excavators. This part number has been superseded by part number 7199074.

This item does not fit every serial number breakdown, please call for details if you want to verify over the phone. If your Bobcat® 331 serial number is 511920001 and above or between serial numbers 512911001-512912999 this idler will not fit.

If your Bobcat® 325 serial number is 514011001-514012999 or 511820001 through 5118299999 this idler will not fit.The arms on your idler should extend out to the length of your idler wheel, whereas this replacement idler has arms that extend beyond the diameter of the idler wheel. If they are short and square we do not offer the idler you need. We do not carry an aftermarket idler for those specified serial number break downs, but this idler will fit every other serial number series.

If your track is coming off on the same end on a regular basis the culprit is likely a worn idler or tensioner. If the idler is worn down it isn't fitting tightly into the guide system on the track and the track can easily slip off. This idler is designed to keep tension on the track and the center flange fits into the guiding system to prevent de-tracking.

Please submit your serial number when placing your order for verification. This tension idler is sold as a direct replacement part and no other assembly or hardware is required for installation.

Guaranteed to fit Models

This idler (6814880 / 7199074) is guaranteed to fit the following models:

  • Bobcat® 325
  • Bobcat® 331
  • Bobcat® 334
  • Bobcat® 420
  • Bobcat® E32
  • Bobcat® E35
  • Bobcat® E37
  • Bobcat® E42

Alternate Part Numbers

  • Bobcat® Dealer Part Number: 6815117, 7199074, 7019167, and 7106424

Optional Steel Track Idlers

There is an optional idler for models equipped with steel tracks. Note this part number has been superseded and we offer it under both numbers for your convenience.

Quality Bobcat® Parts

These single flange Bobcat® mini excavator tension idler assemblies are made to original specifications and produced with high quality double lip seals to lock dirt and debris out and lock the lubrication in for long lasting service for your machine. If you run on a worn out idler you risk de-tracking and doing extensive damage to your rubber track. Replace your worn undercarriage parts to maintain proper tension.