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Steiger Quadtrac 36 Inch Wide

Case Quadtrac 36 Inch Wide
Steiger Quadtrac 36 Inch Wide
Case Quadtrac agriculture replacement tracks for the thirty-six-inch wide option. Our deep tread pattern is the same as the original Case rubber track that came on your ag equipment. The thirty-six-inch wide option is available on the Quadtrac®, Case IH combine, and Steiger® models specified below.
SKU: AP8554
Weight: 2727 lbs
Which Rubber Track Size: 915 x 152.4 x 42
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Price: $9,000.00

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36x252 Inch Case/Steiger Tracks

Alternate Part Numbers

  • Case Dealer Part Number: 84214145
  • Case Continental Dealer Part Number: 87734600
  • Alternate Part Numbers: E36BE02857, 84606976
  • Previous Part Number:634-3616

Optional Track Width Availability

The circumference of the rubber track is 252 inches overall, but there are several width options between twenty-four and thirty-six inches wide.

Case Quadtrac®

  • Case Quadtrac® 450
  • Case Quadtrac® 470
  • Case Quadtrac® 500
  • Case Quadtrac® 540
  • Case Quadtrac® 550
  • Case Quadtrac® 580
  • Case Quadtrac® 600
  • Case Quadtrac® 620

We stock a thirty-six-inch wide track to replace factory-equipped track systems, however, we do not offer the complete drive system or replacement parts at this time.

Case Tractors 36" wide Tracks

  • Case Combine 7130
  • Case Combine 7230
  • Case Combine 7240
  • Case Combine 7250
  • Case Combine 8230
  • Case Combine 8240
  • Case Combine 8250
  • Case Combine 9230
  • Case Combine 9240
  • Case Combine 9250

Steiger Tractors 36" wide Tracks

  • Steiger 385
  • Steiger 420
  • Steiger 435
  • Steiger 470
  • Steiger 485
  • Steiger 500
  • Steiger 535
  • Steiger 580
  • Ag Track Application

    Agriculture rubber tracks are produced in many specialized formats for high roading and side slopes. Our tracks are considered to have a higher range of general farming usage and secondary tillage operations in a directional chevron tread pattern for aggressive traction with minimal on-road use. The combination of increased flotation and traction enables your equipment to perform a wide variety of applications.

    Positive Track Tensioning

    On positive drive systems, the rubber tracks are tensioned by a hydraulic system and some models from New Holland are automatically tensioned. Proper tension is critical to the lifespan of the track and the performance of the track system. Any improper tensioning will cause harm and eventually damage the track. Popping or jumping the drive wheel can cause detracking or tearing of the drive lugs. Monitor your track tension frequently to prevent many types of damage.

    Quality Case Steiger Tracks

    Our Case IH, STX, and Steiger series rubber tracks are modeled from the original track standards with improvements to the carcass and drive lug design. Strong cables and layers of strength and protection have led to the most economically priced rubber track with the longest-lasting lifespan which provides the greatest value for your tractor maintenance budget.