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Rubber Tracks for Bobcat® E-16 7364047

Bobcat E17 E19 Rubber Tracks
Rubber Tracks for Bobcat® E-16 7364047
Buy aftermarket replacement rubber tracks online for Bobcat® model E16, E17, E19. Save on labor by referring to your user manual for instructions on this easy do-it-yourself rubber track installation project. Save online and skip the trip to the dealer. This rubber track ships for free when you check out online.
SKU: RT100204
Weight: 133 lbs
Make: Bobcat
Which Rubber Track Size: 230 x 96 x 33
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Price: $470.00

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Bobcat® E16 E17 E19 Rubber Tracks Online

The Bobcat® E16, E17, and E19 now utilize the same track size as the previous generation x320 series. This is the aftermarket replacement rubber track size for Bobcat® model x322 and x323 also the 320 mini excavators. There is a significant undercarriage difference in the x322, x323, and x320 series versus the regular 322, 323, and 320 series. Please verify the dimensions and number of links on your rubber track prior to ordering. The rubber track is nine inches (230 mm) wide with thirty-three metal embedded links down the center of the track. It is possible that you have a short pitch version of the track installed on your machine and you have sixty-six steel forged embedded links down the center of the track where the sprocket rotates the track. In either case, this track is guaranteed to fit your machine. Older model Bobcat® 320 mini excavators in the serial number range of 511720001 and above take a different rubber track, please see RTC00525 rubber tracks and the RTC00425 rubber tracks option if your 320 mini excavator is in that serial range.

This track is designed to fit the following models:

Alternate Models

This rubber track (7364047) is known to fit:

  • Bobcat® E16
  • Bobcat® E17
  • Bobcat® E19
  • Bobcat® x322 (verify serial number breakdown)
  • Bobcat® x323
  • Bobcat® 324
  • Bobcat® x320 (verify serial number)
  • Bobcat® 320 (E/D/J)
  • Bobcat® 321
  • Caterpillar® 301.4C
  • Caterpillar® 301.8
  • Doosan Solar 015
  • JCB 8014 CTS
  • JCB 8016 Super
  • JCB 8018 CTS (verify links)
  • JCB 8018 ZTS (verify links)
  • JCB 8018 Super (verify links)
  • JLG X600AJ
  • Nagano NS 15
  • New Holland EC 15
  • Wacker Neuson 1404
  • Wacker Neuson E 16

Alternate Part Numbers

  • Bobcat® Dealer Part Number: 6673949, 7259426, 7364047, 6810773
  • CAT® Dealer Part Number: 375-5039

Optional Part Availability

The alternate part number for the Bobcat® 320 is located under part number:250x72x45, and 230x72x45. Your original track may be the same width of nine inches but may have sixty-six metal links under the original part number 6988832 or 7259426, if that is the case this rubber track is interchangeable and will fit your machine. We also stock that exact track with sixty-six metal links so please specify when ordering if you want the exact same measurement sixty-six link option track.

Bobcat E16 Track TreadsWe often stock this track in alternate tread patterns. If tread pattern is a priority for you, please check in advance so we can verify alternate tread pattern options like the one pictured here.