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Rubber Tracks Sumitomo

This category is for aftermarket upgraded replacement track for Sumitomo machines. We also offer a steel track with rubber pads SH30JX/UJ model as well as the SH35U model. These steel track assemblies come fully built with bolt-on rubber pads already installed. Simply unroll the track group, wrap around the undercarriage and insert the link pin as directed. Our rubber tracks actually use dropped forged metal inserts. This is different from the other brands of tracks that use cast steel parts instead. By incorporating the dropped forged metal inserts in our tracks, you're getting a stronger metal core that will translate to better dependability and added strength. Laced with continuous steel cords and surrounded by 100% new rubber, the durability on these things will get you moving and and keep you moving with your mind at ease.

Sumitomo is now over Link-Belt excavators. So if you have a Link-Belt, please call to verify if we carry for your machine. Some of the Sumitomo machines tracks will fit the link-belts as well.
We currently carry tracks for the following Sumitomo machines listed below.

Rubber Tracks:
Steel Tracks with Rubber Pads
  • Sumitomo SH30JX/UJ, SH35U