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Rubber Over The Tire Tracks (12 Inch)

Skid Steer Over the Tire Tracks
Rubber Over The Tire Tracks (12 Inch)
This is the over the tire track system designed for easy installation over your existing 12x16.5 skid steer tires. This full width rubber option prevents damage to finished surfaces so working in residential areas is not a problem. Specially design parabolic curvature and inner surface of the pad grip the tire and prevent slippage.The price is per set and includes free shipping to commercial addresses.
SKU: OTT1216
Weight: 305 lbs
Price: $6,055.00

Product Details

Our over the tire tracks are designed to be interchangeable among all skid steer manufacturers.

Our easy-to-install system comes fully assembled and ready to install and remove them when they are not needed. These tracks provide great traction in muddy conditions when your tires won't provide enough traction in the conditions. The tracks come fully assembled and installation is self explanatory. Simply unroll the tracks and drive into the track and fold them back over the tire. Simply use a ratchet strap to pull the links together and insert the locking pin. We do carry additional grouser links if you have an exceptionally long wheel base.

These tracks are full width rubber which will prevent any damage to finished surfaces such as driveways. verify you have three inches of clearance between your existing tire and the machine so the skid steer track will not rub on the inside of the machine. We do sell a wheel spacer kit if your machine requires extra space for clearance between the tire and the frame.

Spacers are required if you don't have at least three inches of clearance between the tire and the machine. Take a look at our very simple to install system. You can easily install these tracks as needed as opposed to complex systems that dedicate too much time to installation. Your tires can get the job done on a regular basis. We have the easy to install solution for the days when tires just won't do!

For more rugged applications we do offer a steel over the tire track option.