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Morooka MST800 1-12350-0010 Rollers

1-12350-0010 Morooka MST800 Rollers
Morooka MST800 1-12350-0010 Rollers
Morooka MST800 crawler carriers offer a unique undercarriage design that is highly versatile for a wide variety of applications. We have your undercarriage rollers in stock and ready to ship. The 1-12350-0010 roller fits several Morooka models as specified below and is interchangeable with original part number 1-11350-0010.
SKU: 1-12350-0010
Weight: 89 lbs
Make: Morooka
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Price: $573.00

Rubber tracks and wear parts are sold individually unless specified in the details. We offer free shipping across the USA when you order online and ship to a commercial address. *Some restrictions apply.

Morooka 1-12350-0010 Bottom Track Rollers

The Morooka MST800 and MST1000 series crawler carrier bottom roller assemblies are available online. Our parts are sold individually and we suggest maintaining all of your undercarriage rollers at the same time for even wear across the entire undercarriage. If you are looking from the side view of the undercarriage you see eight of these bottom rollers per side on the Morooka MST800 but depending on your model the number of rollers per undercarriage may vary. These 1-12350-0010 bottom rollers bolt in from the side with one bolt per side. The rollers arrive to your door fully assembled and ready to install. The nuts required for installation are included with your order as seen in the picture. These rollers are double flange type rollers that roll on the outside of the rubber track guiding system. The roller is almost eleven inches wide overall and almost twelve inches in diameter. These Morooka rollers are interchangeable with original part number 1-11350-0010 from the factory.

This heavy-duty bottom roller is guaranteed to fit the following Morooka models:

  • Morooka MST-500
  • Morooka MST-600
  • Morooka MST-600VD
  • Morooka MST-700
  • Morooka MST-800
  • Morooka MST-800V
  • Morooka MST-800VD
  • Morooka MST-1000
  • Morooka MST-1000VD
  • Morooka MST-1000VDL
  • Morooka MST-1100