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Morooka MST1100 Hitachi CG45-2 Tracks

Morooka MST-1100 Rubber Tracks
Morooka MST1100 Hitachi CG45-2 Tracks
Buy replacement rubber tracks for Morooka, and Hitachi carriers at Rubbertrax. We stand behind all of our products at Rubbertrax and we offer the highest quality replacement parts available. Our tracks are made at the most technologically advanced factories using the most optimal, cut-resistant rubber compounds to provide long standing value in our aftermarket parts line.
SKU: RTC701080
Weight: 1986 lbs
Make: Morooka
Which Rubber Track Size: 700 x 100 x 80
Shipping: Fast and Free!
Price: $8,980.00

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Aftermarket replacement rubber tracks for Morooka and Hitachi crawler carriers and dumpers are now available online at Rubbertrax. This rubber track is twenty seven and a half inches (700 mm) wide and is very heavy so please call for pricing and shipping details prior to ordering. The tracks have eighty metal embedded links where the sprocket engages and rotates the track (steel bars down the center of the track). This rubber track is guaranteed to fit models:

  • Morooka MST 1100
  • Hitachi CG 45-2 (must confirm original size, some originally equipped with 650x125)

Rubber tracks are sold individually unless otherwise stated as a combination or set. Some OEM tracks come in additional widths. If this isn't the exact size please call and contact one of our knowledgeable associates for additional assistance as other width options are available for these machines. Due to the large size of these rubber tracks they are required to ship on freight carrier and may take an hour or longer to prepare for shipping so same day shipping cannot be guaranteed unless you order before noon EST. No customer pick ups are allowed on the Morooka tracks because we cannot be responsible for damage to vehicles during loading.


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