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Kubota KX 121-3 KX 040-4

Upgrade your Kubota KX 121-3 and KX040-4 series rubber tracks to the premium aftermarket rubber tracks from Rubbertrax and increase lifespan and performance from your undercarriage. Some components of this undercarriage are interchangeable with other Kubota models, most of the KX121-3 undercarriage parts work interchangeably with the KX040-4 series. The rubber track is dedicated to this undercarriage system and is not interchangeable with any other track. We now supply the complete line of KX 121-3 and KX 040-4 series undercarriage parts including the drive sprocket (RD118-14433), the idler (RD118-21300), the top carrier roller (RD411-22900), and the bottom track rollers down the center of the undercarriage (RD118-21700).
See the image below and use your mouse to explore the part numbers and they should pop up with a link to the part number you need for your KX 121-3.