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Bobcat® E08 E10 Aftermarket Front Idler

Bobcat E08 E10 Front Idler 7187172
Bobcat® E08 E10 Aftermarket Front Idler
Buy aftermarket replacement idlers for Bobcat® E08 and E10 mini excavators online at Rubbertrax. Our Bobcat® undercarriage parts are guaranteed to fit. The idler is fully assembled and ready to install and you can re-use your tensioner yokes for a perfect fit across all models.
SKU: 7187172
Weight: 39 lbs
Make: Bobcat
Price: $475.00
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The 7187172 aftermarket idler assembly is designed for the following Bobcat® mini excavators:

Bobcat® Models

This 718712 idler is known to fit:

  • Bobcat® E08 (check serial)
  • Bobcat® E10 (check serial)
  • Bobcat® E10E (check serial)
  • Bobcat® E10Z
  • Bobcat® 418

This is the larger roller that is at the front of the undercarriage that is designed to tension and tighten the rubber track. Typically we offer identical replacement parts that are a direct fit. The Bobcat® E10 series initially had a special tensioner mount on the left-hand side of the machine but after the first serial break to B4K911001, they used the same idler on both sides. If you have a serial number in the range of A33P11001 and above then your right and left-hand idler assemblies are different. In order to resolve the issue, we ship the idler without the mounting block because the yokes and idler wheel are the same across every other serial break. This idler is interchangeable now across all serial numbers as long as you re-use your mounting block on the tensioner idler side of the assembly.

This is the roller that expands as you grease the tensioner to tighten the track.

This idler comes fully assembled with the bearing ready for installation, just reuse your existing bolts to bolt to the tensioner.

This idler has yokes that extend out past the length of the idler wheel diameter. It comes exactly as pictured and does not include the actual tensioner or spring.

Alternate Part Numbers

  • Bobcat® Dealer Part Number: 7187172