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AGCO 30 Inch Rubber Tracks

AGCO 30 Inch A30AS03297
AGCO 30 Inch Rubber Tracks
Rubber tracks for your AGCO MT800 through MT875E series tractor are now available for sale in directional tread patterns with highly durable and wear-resistant compounds. Our tracks qualify for free shipping when you order online. These thirty-inch wide rubber tracks are intended for general farming applications. Ag tracks must be ordered online in pairs for balanced operations. Prices listed are per track and include shipping to a commercial address.
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Make: AGCO
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Rubber tracks and wear parts are sold individually unless specified in the details. We offer free shipping across the USA when you order online and ship to a commercial address. *Some restrictions apply.

30x348 Inch Agco Tracks

We now stock rubber tracks for your AGCO agriculture tractors. The MT800 series models each offer this thirty-inch wide track option that is known as a 762x152.4x65.

Our friction-type drive lugs are developed with the hardness and tensile strength that your demanding tractor requires to get the job done. Three layers of cables strengthen the track's core for a long-lasting service life. The patented galvanized steel cables are wound continuously throughout the track. Additional layers of protection for the steel cords prevent wear from the roller system.

AGCO 30-inch Friction TracksThis is a general-use ag track with heavy-duty tread bars in a directional pattern for optimal traction and clean-out when you are working in normal farming conditions. Our tracks have a balance of carcass thickness and rubber hardness for general agriculture use in standard conditions. Check your undercarriage parts closely during installation and evaluate track alignment to prevent uneven wear. Correct track tension pressure should be maintained to avoid either over-tensioning or tearing a track versus under-tensioning which will create drive wheel slippage. Reference your model operations manual to see if your model has over and under-tensioning alarms and check visually daily. This track offers more guide lugs for additional stability while still measuring the exact original specifications of the 8839mm circumference.

Alternate Part Numbers

  • AGCO Dealer Part Number: A30AS03297
  • AGCO Superseded Part: 1R-1266:1R-1325, 508598D1, 518709D1, 554090D1, 554102D1, 554112D1, 563766D1, 554102D1
  • Alternate Part Numbers: 636-3029, 636-3063, 656-3031, 656-3045, 656-3058, 656-3059

AGCO 30" Wide Friction Rubber Tracks

The thirty-inch wide rubber track is a suggested width for the following models:

  • AGCO MT800
  • AGCO MT835
  • AGCO MT835B
  • AGCO MT835C
  • AGCO MT845
  • AGCO MT845B
  • AGCO MT845C
  • AGCO MT845E
  • AGCO MT855
  • AGCO MT855B
  • AGCO MT855C
  • AGCO MT855E
  • AGCO MT865
  • AGCO MT865B
  • AGCO MT865C
  • AGCO MT865E
  • AGCO MT875B
  • AGCO MT875C
  • AGCO MT875E

Ag Track Application

Agriculture rubber tracks are produced in many specialized formats for high roading and side slopes. Our tracks are considered to have a higher range of general farming usage in a directional chevron tread pattern for aggressive traction with minimal on-road use.

Ag Track Tensioning

On the AGCO series, the rubber tracks are tensioned by a nitrogen accumulator and hydraulic cylinder. Per your AGCO service and operation manual, your track tension should be maintained properly so please check often and do not rely solely on the alarm system. Proper tension is critical to getting a full lifespan from the rubber track.

Quality AGCO Ag Tracks

Our AGCO MT800 series rubber tracks are modeled from the original track standards with improvements to the carcass and drive lug design. Strong cables and layers of strength and protection have led to the most economically priced rubber track with the longest-lasting lifespan which provides the greatest value for your tractor maintenance budget. Increasing the number of guide lugs helps prevent de-tracking. 

AGCO MT800 Width